Inner Traveller

-oil on canvas-
-80cm x 60cm-


  1. so wonderful. totally seriously inspirational.

  2. Excellent Image, your awesome with the palette knife.

  3. Wonderfully relatable for those of us that live within much of the time. Thanks for sharing

  4. Fantastiskt fin målning. Jag gillar den mycket.
    Hälsningar Janne

  5. Hello Querida Melinda,
    É um grande prazer e alegria estar novamente visitando o teu lindo espaço com lindas pinturas.
    Um Beijo:
    Do Brazil. Geraldo

  6. Very powerful. Wounderful light effects. Nice use of color.

  7. Un'immagine bellissima. Mi dà un senso di solitudine, ma mi fa stare anche bene. Elvi

  8. Preciosa pintura. Mis felicitaciones.

  9. Whooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!
    I was paralyzed by the power of your work!
    Do you really is much an artist, talented,
    is for me , a great pleasure see your paintings!

  10. Hola, soy dibujos tellezmerida y me encanta tu obra. Felicidades...Chao, te sigo y aprendo de tí...

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  12. j'aime énormément votre manière de vous exprimer, c'est géant!

  13. Melinda!
    I love your work! I love the colors and so much more. Your paintings are works of art that "speak" for themselves! Bravo!
    Also your English is perfect!
    art friend michael perchard

  14. You are a great painter - wonderful.

  15. Melinda, I enjoy so much your art. This is real art, for me. So meanful and so well done. Congratulations, your work is unique.

  16. Melinda, desejo a ti, teus familiares e todos os visitantes do teu blog um Feliz Natal. Aproveito para informar que dia 02 de janeiro estreia Urbanascidades 2012, igual mas...diferente.
    Paulo Bettanin.

  17. Inner Traveller.. I like how that sounds.

    -- And what better subject to depict this sort of travel than a child lost in contemplation, wisping or "stealing" themselves away from the rigor, reason and heady progression of the busy busy day in order to travel inside and reflect upon the now somewhat stilled waters of past thought and idea. In this way, one might say, poetically, that an inside traveller is also perhaps a backward walker, looking back on the past and thinking about it, or retracing their steps, as it were.

    I think as we get older, we have a tendency to lose the wonder and awe of youthful contemplation.

    Thank you for this Melinda.

  18. MoS... Thank you again for your observation... as you said.. ""a backward walker""... it is so expressive...And yes, I think as we reach to a certain age, we tend to be a backward walker many times... maybe most of the times...

    Your remarks are always thoughtful... Thank you for visiting my blog, and leaving your observation written down here...

  19. You are very good painter. I like to see that there are still good artists in this moment in history when art is tainted bysnobbery and stupidity.

    I am a Spanish painter (Barcelona), but do not speak English.

    Congratulations and a warm greeting!

  20. Thank you Ceballos...greetings from Transylvania...

  21. Ce qui est troublant c'est que ta peinture nous emmène dans ton monde tout en nous faisant partager l'univers triste du modèle. C'est cette capacité de passer les frontières de l'humain qui est troublant et magnifique à la fois. On oublie que c'est de la peinture pour entrer de plain pied dans la vie. C'est très fort.

    à bientôt,


  22. Wonderful work!A real artist!
    Have a nice weekend.
    Regards from Thessaloniki.